6HP EGS Transmission EWS Reset for E70, E71 - X5, X6

Mechatronics On E70 and E71 (X5 and X6) transmission model ZF GA6HP26Z has enhanced security so it's linked to immobilizer system.
Before engaging any gear, it compares ISN with CAS3 EWS subsystem and if result is negative (because ISNs do not match) it will not get out of Parking.

In this case ISN is 2 bytes, and is separate from DME ISN, which is also 2 bytes but at different location.

Therefore if for some reason transmission or mechatronics is replaced there are two options, one is to buy it from dealer, or we can help you.

We offer resetting and matching of EGS ISN to your BMW.


We can do it for local customers and for remote customers.

Remote customers will need to send DME, CAS3, Keyfob and Mechatronics to us.

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