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EGS 8HP Transmission EWS Reset for E/F/G series

(Bench or Remote)



On E70/E71, F series, and G Series transmission model 8HP has enhanced security so its linked to original car.

How it works is, when getting out of Parking it compares Security Key with CAS3/CAS4/FEM or BDC and if result is negative it will not get out of Parking.


When used transmission or mechatronics is installed in the car, It would stay in Parking as long as Security Key does not match to the cars modules.


We offer resetting and matching of Security Key of mechatronics to the car, this process involves "Virginizing" the unit, i.e. deleting previous car information from it.

How it works

Now possible to do remotely, over the Internet

With our new service, Now we can do it remotely over internet, while It's installed in the car.

You will only need ENET cable or ICOM and laptop with windows, with internet connection, we will take care of rest.

Or, Customers will need to send CAS3/CAS4/FEM or BDC, Keyfob and Mechatronics to us, Mechatronics is mostly plastic, So its weight is up to 10 pounds.

This includes ZF 8HP45, ZF 8HP50, ZF 8HP51, ZF 8HP70, HP90 and other 8HP modifications

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