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F80 Cluster Retrofit Adapter

Basic Information

There are lots of BMW Enthusiasts who love to retrofit M parts on their cars. This Adapter is specially created for those who want to retrofit M series Instrument Cluster (KOMBI) from F80, F82 or F83 to their F30, F31, F33 or F36 with Automatic Transmission (AT).

Problem Description

The ​problem with this kind of retrofit is that M series cluster (F80, F82 or F83) has a program that can show transmission information only from Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT aka DKG), thus triggers error when fitted to F30, F31, F33 or F36 with Automatic Transmission (AT).


We do ​offer plug and play adapters that connect right behind instrument cluster that solves this problem.

How it works

Once you get your brand new or Virginized M series cluster from F80, F82 or F83 (we do offer this service), you will also need this adapter,

As said, its plug and play, you connect to the cluster, and that's it, It will show transmission information like P, D, S mode or manual mode correctly.

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