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MSV80 and MSV80.1 Matching / Programming to CAS module



MSV80 and MSV80.1 Engine computers were used on N51, N52 and N53 Engines.

These engines were used in

  • BMW 128

  • BMW 130

  • BMW 323

  • BMW 325

  • BMW 328

  • BMW 330

  • BMW 523

  • BMW 528

  • BMW 530


It happens that due to water intrusion, valvetronic controller failure or other reason MSV80 or MSV80.1 needs to be replaced


There are two options,

1) You can go to Dealer and pay around $1700-$2000

2) Program Used MSV80 or MSV80.1 Engine computer to your CAS module


We have MSV80 and MSV80.1-s in stock most of the time.

To program engine computer to your CAS module, You will need to send us: 

1) CAS module

2) 1 working keyfob (without metal key)

CAS3 Module

CAS3 module looks like this:

You can find CAS3 module at this location, It's underneath steering wheel, on top of pedals:

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