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BOSCH MG1 / MD1 Supported in Boot Mode

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Exciting News! BOSCH MG1 / MD1 Engine computers are now supported in Boot Mode. These are latest generation of engine computers from Giant BOSCH used by BMW ,Audi ,Rolls Royce, VW, Seat, Skoda and so on.

It means now we can clone and revive bricked ones, Yay!

Specifically Engine computers:

  • Audi Bosch MG1CS001

  • Audi Bosch MD1CP004

  • Audi Bosch MG1CS011

  • BMW Bosch MD1CP002

  • BMW Bosch MG1CS003

  • BMW Bosch MD1CP002

  • Rolls Royce Bosch MG1CS003

  • Seat Bosch MG1CS011 SPC5777

  • Skoda Bosch MG1CS011

  • Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MG1CS011

And so on, more to add soon!


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