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MSD85 and MSD85.1 Repair now possible

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

MSD85 and MSD85.1 Engine computer Unit (ECU)

Engine computer Units (ECU) Siemens MSD85 and MSD85.1 are used to control

  • N63B44 (N63B44O0)

  • N63TU aka N63B44TU (N63B44O1)

  • S63 (S63B44O0)

  • S63TU (S63B44T0 )

This Siemens MSD85 and MSD85.1 are used in for N63 Engines in

  • BMW 550i F10/F11

  • BMW 650i F12/F13

  • BMW 750i/750Li F01/F02

  • BMW X5 F15

  • BMW X6 F16

  • BMW 550i GT F07

  • BMW X5 E70

  • BMW X6 E71

Also, Siemens MSD85 and MSD85.1 areused in S63 Engines in

  • BMW M5 F10

  • BMW M6 F13

  • BMW X5M F85

  • BMW X6M F86

  • BMW X5M E70

  • BMW X6M E71

Problem with MSD85 and MSD85.1

MSD85 and MSD85.1 are known for internal failure that causes disturbing BSD (Bit Serial Data) communication.

BSD is a bit-serial data interface is a single-wire data bus with a data transfer rate of 1.2 kBd. It's 12V signal level, 830uS = 1200 baud.

Codes for F series are:

00278D - BSD, Alternator : Missing

CD9304 - BSD Data bus communication fault

210901 - BSD, Message; Alternator; Missing

213901 - Power management: reduction or deactivation of individual electrical loads/consumers

After Failure, only way to fix it was to replace DME, that's what dealer offers, and cost is around $2200



We offer repairing internal failure of MSD85 and MSD85.1. Please feel free to ask questions.

Details here


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