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MHD E-Series N55 new version 1.53 released.

The regular app (release channel) is updated from 1.24 to 1.53 with many new features and ALL NEW Maps. The beta app is updated to 1.54 as it features a special MHD quick flash development, enabling flashing to be 3-4 times quicker than before! This in only available on N55 E-Series engines.

MHD Tuning
MHD Tuning

*Cumulative changes

from 1.24 to 1.53 *

- All maps updated to 1.53. - All new burble settings: aggressiveness, min speed, min rpm. - Added idle min rpm flash option. - Fixed battery voltage. - Fault codes history can be read without being connected to the car. - Added support for PR coils as flash option. - Added boost target EX for late E series (for custom maps >23psi) - Fixed the log channel TMAP voltage on 1726 DMEs.


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