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MHD F+G Series Update V1.3

Today's update brings many nice things to the MHD F+G Series users:

-------------------------------------------- - N55 EWG: added full e85 Stager 1 and 2 maps. - N55 / B58 / N13 : added coolant flash option (Performance and Track). - N55 / N13 / M2 N55 : added start up roar (noticeable with cold start deactivated). - B58: allow burble on OPF cars. - Full M3/M4 CS and M2C support, including OPF delete option - Added CS / GTS trans flash for M2 N55, M2C, M3, M4 - various fixes for Burble and exhaust flap open on sport. --------------------------------------------

The Stage 1 and 2 full e85 maps for N55 EWG will produce a relatively flat torque, with max power near redline. With those maps no need to mix every fill up! And they are the most powerful Stage 1 and 2 maps. No 2+ full e85 map is doable due to fueling limitations. -------------------------------------------- Another nice feature for N55, B58 and N13 cars: We found a way to bring the M switchable coolant feature to non-M cars. With the coolant flash option activated, the coolant target will be 95c in eco / comfort instead of 106c+. If you switch to sport mode (or comfort + transmission in S or M), the coolant target will be 85c with performance or 80c with track option selected. This allows the engine to run cooler and oil temperature will also benefit from that significantly. We also changed many fan settings to further improve how quick the system reacts to the different modes, this also helps to reduce the IAT and under hood temps when staging at a drag strip or slow city driving. -------------------------------------------- The M3, M4, M2 N55 and M2 Competition owners now have the much anticipated CS & GTS TCU flash available through MHD (M2C only CS) - this is a free update included in the Flasher License. -------------------------------------------- We also added full support for recent euro spec S55 cars equipped with a OPF / GPF (plus delete option)


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