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MHD Flasher F series - Version 1.10 Released

This release includes reworked maps, updated power gauges and general updates to all MHD F-Series engines.

F8x S55 - More response/tq before 3500/4000rpm - Smoother throttle mapping - Added Timing on E30 Maps

N55 EWG - Added maps for PURE Stage 2 Turbo - iDrive Perf gauges scaled - Boost control adjusted - Stage 1 & 2: a bit more boost - E20 maps: more timing

N55 PWG - iDrive Perf gauges scaled - More timing - Stage 1: more torque

M2 - stage 2+: a bit more boost after 5500 - stage 2: more timing

N13 - reworked boost control

General updates - added the manifold boost and sensor voltage log channels - early F10 with the 3/6th gear option: improved low load - N55 PWG 1c41: added Atl_ausy / Msakzu logging channels for fine WGDC tuning


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