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MHD iOS app Launch!

Great News guys, MHD has just launched their iOS apps, this is from their Facebook page:



The wait is finally over - MHD is now available on Apple iOS!

Apple iOS 10.2 or higher is required!

You can connect to the car with iOS in the following ways: - E series: MHD E series (orange) adapter. - F/G series: either MHD black or orange adapter, or ENET cable + lightning adapter

Licenses can be purchased on our website, with a new Super License that contains all functions and maps at a discounted price. Everyone can buy Licenses and Maps already at the Store. The store creates voucher codes, which will be accepted by the new iOS and Android version. So the codes will work right now on iOS and Android (Licenses store > redeem code). This was on the long-term wishlist as many users were plagued by Google's overly cautious and not so transparent fraud-protection on payments. The user interface was fully reworked, with some new features we will cover later (for iOS and Android). Licenses are cross platform iOS / Android! For users with existing Android licenses: You will be able to use your licenses on both iOS and Android, simply login using your android device, wait till licenses are transferred and then you can use MHD on iOS (all licenses will be active after logging in on your iOS device). For users with existing licenses, upgrading to the new super license at a lower cost is not possible. How to transfer licenses from Android to iOS? 1. Update to new android app 2. Login with your mail and wait till all licenses get uploaded 3. Download iOS app and Login > licenses will be active automatically This is a very big one for us and we want to say thank you to all our customers. Now enjoy your new MHD app and make some noise! Note: New Android app will be online later today!


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