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New Service - CAS4/CAS4+ Cloning

We are happy to offer new service, CAS4 and CAS4+ Cloning

Basic Info

CAS4 and CAS4+ modules are used on

5 Series - F07, F10, F11 and F19

6 Series - F06, F12, F13

7 Series - F01, F02, F03, F04


It can randomly fail, the main failure happens on hardware level.

It often fails when cheap tools are used to make new keys.


We can try to repair them, if it is not repairable then we will clone them to working used CAS4 module, And after it will be plug and play.

There are Few types of CAS4 MCUs (Processors)

CAS4     MC9S12XDP512 with MASK 1L15Y

CAS4+  MC9S12XEP100 with MASK 5M48H

CAS4+  MC9S12XEP100 with MASK 1N35H

When Cloning, MCU and MASK should match.

How it works:

You will need to send us original CAS4 module,

We will Clone it to other CAS4 module and send it back. It will be a full clone of your original CAS4.

CAS4 module is located on top of the pedals, behind plastic cover.

For more information, please visit this link


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