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New Service - FEM and BDC Cloning

We are excited to add new offer to our service list.

We see more and more failed FEM/BDC modules, Mainly they are damaged by cheap clone tools that are used for adding keys or matching with DME/DDE modules.

We've been Cloning / Reviving / Repairing them before but as number grows we decided to make separate page for it on our website.

This along with many other our services are mainly for shops and technicians who work on BMWs.


More Details

What is FEM or BDC?

Some models of F series switched to FEM and BDC from CAS modules

  • FEM stands for Front Electronic Module 

  • BDC stands for Body Domain Controller

These two are pretty much the same

FEM is used on

1 Series - F20, F21 (and F52 in China)

2 Series - F22, F23, F45, F46, and F87 (M2) 

3 Series - F30, F31, F34, F35 and F80 (M3)

4 Series - F32, F33, F36, F82 and F83 (M4)

BDC is used on

X1 - F48 and F49

X2 - F39

X3 - F25

X4 - F26

X5 - F15 and F85

X6 - F16, F86

Mini - F54, F55, F56, F57


The main reason of failed FEM and BDCs we have seen is done by cheap tools trying to add keys to them and failing

Obviously the other reason is when it gets flooded. 


We do offer Cloning or Repairing service for existing FEM or BDC

How it works:

1) You will need to send us original FEM or BDC module,

2) We will check it and if its not repairable we will clone it to other unit.

3) Ship it back to you

Functional description for FEM/BDC

Both FEM and BDC (which are basically same) have integrated functionality of modules that were separate modules in previous generations. These are:

CAS - Car Access Control

FRM - Footwell Module

JBE - Junction Box Electronics

ZGM - Central Gateway Module

Following Functionality were inherited in FEM/BDC:

CAS - Terminal control CAS - Electronic immobilizer CAS - Comfort Access CAS - Electric steering lock CAS - Central locking system

JBE - Power window regulator JBE - Wash/wipe system JBE - Climate control JBE - Seat heating JBE - Mirror heating JBE - Automatic air circulation control JBE - Rain/light sensor

FRM - Exterior lighting FRM - Brake lights FRM - Interior lighting FRM - Exterior mirrors

ZGM is Integrated on the board of FEM/BDC Separately, It acts as a gateway between different BUS systems in the car.


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