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ProTool Version v2.06

v2.06 is released, pleased update the app.

- Bug Fix for Read Errors Crash - Bug Fix for N47 Engine Gauges - Bug Fix Screen Rotation - More Vin Codes Added - Added MOSTGW Functions


ProTool is very promising tool that has no competitor on the market for now, Its made by BimmerGeeks and is one our favorite tools.

Basically it's combination of Tool32, NCSExpert and WinKFP in Android App, making it possible to do same kind of work thru Android as you would do with Standard BMW Tools.

We believe ProTool will be super useful tool for Shops and Mechanics.


Official Description looks like this:

ProTool by BimmerGeeks is an all-in-one solution for your BMW. We put the power of expensive shop equipment right in your hand using your android device...

- Read & Clear Errors across ALL control units - Thousands of code-able features to personalize your car - Code out errors from airbags to light warnings - Calibrate systems after replacing parts - Code and Register new batteries - View AND log live data in raw & gauge formats - Reset control units - Change ECU VIN numbers when swapping used parts

Gauge Highjacking and Programming(Flashing) are being considered for future release.


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