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Remote Support/Coding

Last 2 days 90% of the time was spent on Remote Support/Coding/Programming.

Mostly we helped shops/mechanics with reviving bricked modules or coding/programming options.

Shops in USA, Canada, Europe and even Singapore.

We offer:

  • Retrofit Coding & Programming

  • Used Module Coding & Programming

  • Used 8HP EWS reset on F series

  • Options Coding

  • DSC "Nannies" Code out

  • TPMS Disable

  • Adaptive Headlights Disable

Troubleshooting Weird/Uncommon Problems

Help finding Wiring Diagrams and pinouts

  • Retrofit FSC for CIC/NBT/NBT Evo (Navi Enabler)

  • Map Update FSC for CIC/NBT/NBT Evo

  • Enable CarPlay for NBT Evo

  • Enable Video In Motion for NBT Evo

  • M3/M4 (F80/F82) GTS Transmission Flash

As a reminder,

What you need is

Laptop with windows that is connected to Internet and


  • ​K+Dcan for E series

  • Enet cable for F series

Software called Teamviewer (Basic Installation)

More info at

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