MHD Wi-Fi Adapter for F/G Chassis


New Wi-Fi adapter is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms,

MHD Wi-Fi Adapter enables fast and stable connection to the car for flashing, monitoring or logging purposes.


With MHD Wi-Fi Adapter you get incredible speeds:

Initial flash is only 2-3 mins and map change is only 25 seconds!


So basically you get

  • Blazing fast flashing times
  • Stable connection to the car
  • Getting rid of old style cable
  • Compatible with F / G Chassis and new Supra
  • can be used for xHP, xDelete, Thor, Protools, Bimmercode and others
  • Ethernet port in case if you need to connect to the car with other diagnostic tools with ethernet cable.


Please keep in mind that this adapter can not be used for E Chassis.


We do offer same day shipping if order is placed before 5 PM PST,

Adapters can also be picked up at our shop, located in San Diego, CA


Link to the MHD Website

MHD Wi-Fi Adapter for F/G Chassis

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