MHD WIFI OBDII Wireless Flash Adapter for E Chassis (Orange)

MHD WIFI OBDII Wireless Flash Adapter for E Chassis (Orange)


MHD WIFI OBDII Wireless Flash Adapter for E Chassis (Orange) is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms,

It enables a fast and stable connection to the car for flashing, monitoring, or logging purposes, reading/clearing codes, and resetting adaptations on the engine.


With MHD WIFI OBDII Wireless Flash Adapters, you get blazing fast speeds,


You can use this adapter on all cars supported in MHD, although, for F/G Chassis and Supras, you would prefer to use MHD Wireless OBDII Wifi Flash Adapter for F/G Series (Black) as its almost ten times faster.


Although, for Transmission programming with xHP on G series and Supras, The Orange adapter is necessary.


This adapter is designed to be used on:

E Series N54: 135, 335, 335is, 535, Z4, E71, 1M

E Series N55: 135is 335, E70, E71, E84 (X1)


So basically, you get

  • Superfast flashing times
  • Stable connection to the car
  • Getting rid of old-style cable
  • can be used for xHP, xDelete, BimmerGeeks Protool and others


Attention: The purchase of this adapter does not include any necessary licenses to use the MHD.


We do offer same business day shipping if an order is placed before 5 PM PST,

Adapters can also be picked up at our shop, located in San Diego, CA


Link to the MHD Website


How it works:

Once you plug in MHD Wireless (WIFI) Adapter into the cars OBD2 port, It powers up and creates a WIFI network called MHD_XXXX (four random letters/numbers, for example, MHD_2CD4)


You need to join this  WIFI network from your device (Mobile phone or Tablet)

There is no password on this WIFI network.


Once you join the WIFI Network, you can launch the MHD app

MHD app name for BMW E Series N54 engine is  - MHD N54

MHD app name for BMW E Series N55 engine is  - MHD N55e

MHD app name for BMW F, G Series and Supra with B58 Engine is  - MHD F+G  (We recommend getting MHD Black WIFI Adapter for these cars)


The first thing to do is to test the connection by reading DME codes, It does not need a license and is free. If the connection is fine, then you can create or login with your account and flash the tune.

MHD WIFI OBDII Wireless Flash Adapter for E Chassis (Orange)