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Advanced Remote Support And Programming

For Shops and Mechanics

Sometimes it happens that extra hand with specialized knowledge and skills is really helpful.

We offer Remote support, coding, programming, troubleshooting to our partners, shops and mechanics.

What you need is

  • Laptop with windows that is connected to Internet

  • ICOM or

    • K+Dcan for E series

    • Enet cable for F series (we can provide this one)

Our Remote support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Used Module Coding & Programming

  • Used 8HP EWS reset on F/G series

  • Used 8HP EWS reset on E70/E71

  • ISN reading from 6HP on E70/E71

  • Retrofit Coding & Programming

  • Options Coding

  • DSC "Nannies" Code out

  • TPMS Disable and switch to FTM

  • Adaptive Headlights Disable

  • Troubleshooting Weird/Uncommon Problems

  • Help finding Wiring Diagrams and pinouts

  • Retrofit FSC for CIC/NBT/NBT Evo (Navi Enabler)

  • Map Update FSC for CIC/NBT/NBT Evo

  • Enable CarPlay for NBT Evo

  • Enable Video In Motion for NBT Evo

  • M3/M4 (F80/F82) GTS Transmission Flash

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