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Tremblay Serge
April 18, 2020

Very good service...footwell module repair

Eaven Uriah Marcum
April 12, 2020

He has helped numerous times with different problems in coding, programming, cloning and repairing. My business goes nowhere else but here.

Gerardo Gharabati
April 12, 2020

The guy running this show is a genius! Myself and friends have used his services to take care of programming / electric related projects. Would definitely recommend! Very honest and clean work. Got my M4 back on the road in less than 48 hours!

Robert Haller
February 10, 2020

Outstanding work. Cleared up issues no one else could with my e92 335XI Manual Swap. Fast, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Sterling Ryan
December 21, 2019

Super knowledgeable and friendly, willing to answer my questions. Got me up and running again. BMW ECU Solutions is an amazing resource. Highly recommend!

Glenn Todd

December 10, 2019

Amazing service time and time again. Fast, amazing capabilities, very informative.

Kyle Deckert
December 3, 2019

After spending countless hours and $$$ on diagnosing and trying to fix a transmission error (P0741, it wasn't the torque converter), I finally broke down and purchased a new to me transmission mechatronics unit. The new transmission mechatronics unit required matching to my other modules so it would work. BMW ECU Solutions was recommended to me on a forum and I couldn't be happier with the expertise and professionalism provided. Communication was awesome and EGS matching turn around time couldn't have been any faster. If I need any ECU solutions in the future, I will definitely be using BMW ECU Solutions again.

Jen Rounds

October 10, 2019

Replaced my DME with a MSD81 from a ebay site and would not work for inspection, sent it to these guys and came back working correctly.


Mike Solstad
July 13, 2019

Had an issue with ELV on my 2007 BMW 335i. Got in contact with them and set something up same day. While they were on the remote connection, you could see they really knew what they were doing. In less than 30 minutes they had me situated and my car started right up. I’ll definitely be using them for any other BMW coding related problems. Thank you so so much!

Will John Nikolaidis

July 12, 2019

Thank you so much for your knowledge in getting my f30 re-programmed and now it’s working like a charm. I recommend them

Tom Kedra

June 26, 2019

Very good service and fantastic guy. If you have any problem with your beemer don't hesitate to contact him. Strongly recommend. 

Sam Hafez
June 23, 2019

Experts and professionals

Alim Poladov
June 20, 2019

Highly recommended. He is the magician. If you love BMW, so better keep his contacts. Good to know you Levan !

Isaac Wood
May 21

Had a MEVD 1726 unlocked to enable tuning flash by Bimmer ECU which worked flawlessly. However I had an unrelated issue after reinstalling the dme causing ecu codes and putting the car in limp mode. Levan at BMW ECU Solutions was extremely helpful in walking me through the troubleshooting steps to get my car back running & codes cleared. That troubleshooting was a service that I fully would have expected to pay for at nearly at mechanic shop but he helped free of charge.  
Highly recommend! Thanks Levan.

Pouria Taghavi
April 4

This guy knows his stuff! A great bmw magician.

Joseph Muhlestein
March 21

Working with BMW ECU Solutions has been an insanely easy and quick process. They respond quickly every time I reach out and always have answers to my questions. Prices are absolutely fair, quality is unmatched and customer service is great. For the few of you out there lucky enough to need a bench flash, I wouldn't recommend anywhere else but here. They received my DME, unlocked it and sent it out for shipping all in one day and kept me updated on everything going on the entire time. Highly recommend.

Mike Bethoney
February 14

I had my DME reprogrammed from another party and it wasn't done correctly. It created a unique problem that I was struggling to find answers for from a lot of different sources. I came across a recommendation from one of the BMW forums so I reached out. Levan is a BMW whisperer! After explaining the issue and complicating it with jb4 and a backend flash on top of it all, he knew right where to start. He was able to remotely access my car to verify his suspicions without any guessing games. He is a guru when it comes to the tech/computers on these cars. I've been in the auto industry for about 15 years turning wrenches so I've seen a lot. I only give reviews when my high expectations are exceeded when it comes to customer service. All I can say is that his prices were very fair, turn around time was speedy, and he kept you in the loop the entire step of the way! His customer service continued even after service was rendered and his knowledge is vast. I can't say enough, but if you don't want to take my word all you have to do is talk to this guy and you'll feel at ease. Do not hesitate!!

Sean Michael Tealer
January 30

Highly Recommended, Levan is very knowledgeable and is a problem solver. Have been using his services on bmw for over 2yrs with no issues at all. For all your coding and programming Levan is the best I've found.

Chris Goodwin
January 20

Levan is the best! Helped me with my wiring issue and with helping tracking down the cause. Definitely recommend for anyone with ecu issues or wiring issues! Saved me lots of money!

Jonathan Chabot
January 18

Awesome work!! Thank you so much!!

Adam Kirby
January 13

levan helped us with a customers car when no one else could figure it out !great service and and great pricing!

Adam Glogowski
January 13

Levan is everything you look for in a professional and vendor. His communication is quick and to the point. His quality of work and service, both before and after the sale are among the best I've experienced. I cannot recommend BMW ECU Solutions enough to anyone with mosfet failure, or simply looking to upgrade their MSD80 to MSD81. I feel as though I have gained both a valuable friend and professional resource after doing business with this vendor. Extremely recommended!

Kamran Khan
November 26

Fantastic!! Many thanks to Bimecu for my M3 Gauge Cluster coding!

L.A. Williamson
November 15, 2018

I’m new to BMW. Posted on a forum and 3 people recommend this place. The owner messaged me directly( very prompt) walked me through the process and answered ALL of my questions. Sent it to him and got my ECM back within a week. When it came to time programs nd install he LITERALLY walked me through the process. HIGHLY recommend! A+ keep up the good work your reputation/work quality will take your business to new levels Levan

Jason Godwin
August 28, 2018

Levan not only upgraded my MSD80 to 81 but he also coded my car for the 6MT swap I did and even did this on a weekend. You will not find better knowledge of BMW electrical systems and customer service anywhere else. Thanks Levan!

Ford Parton
February 26, 2018

I was in need of a msd81 upgrade and was recommended by friends to go here.

great customer service 
fast shipping

Chris Baltzer
December 29, 2017

Levan is the absolute best in the business! Look nowhere else for ECU solutions, he is the only person I would go to. I purchased an MSD81 from him, and the process was very easy and unbelievably fast! You won’t find this great service at this great price anywhere else!!

Monty Tandel
March 25, 2017

Levan, I am super happy you reached out to help me. I reached out for help on a a page and he was super prompt in responding and helping me out. Im still blown away at the fact that he was able to help me so quickly and remotely. If your a car enthusiast, work on your own car, hobbyist or whatever you are and own an N54, you will forsure need to come across him for help at one point in your cars life. Thanks again for all your help!

Mark A Duesing
September 16, 2017

Levan brought my 335i back to life. Had a fried DME and he supplied and reprogrammed an updated DME and she fired right up. Can't say enough about great service and integrity at a fraction of the price. No errors!! He also offered to remote in if needed.

Matt Ryan
July 4, 2017

Levan was extremely helpful. Had my upgraded MSD81 DME shipped out the same day everything arrived to him. After I installed it, he proceeded to do everything he could to help some other issues I was having with misfiring, valve timing, and fuel pressure. Which wasn't even part of the service I paid for. I plan on getting a few more mods/upgrades, and will definitely recommend other N54 enthusiasts to the shop. Thanks again!

Jossan Elias
April 4, 2017

Working with levan has been one of the best experiences I've had with regards to my 335i. My dme was blown and he was more then willing to help me with it, even after a few faults on my end everything came out better then I could ever imagine. Customer service is phenomenal and unmatchable, people like this are becoming scarce in this world. Would recommend 110%, and I don't leave 6 stars because limit is 5. Have no hesitation when working with Levan, you will be truly pleased.

Qui Nguyen
May 22, 2017

My old MSD80 was fried and instead of purchasing a new DME Advanced Programming and Coding was able to code in a used MSD81 DME and help me get my BMW 335i to run again for a 1/8th of the cost. The whole process was very simple and straight forward. BMW Advanced Programming and Coding was able to guide me through the way and I only had a couple of days down time. I would recommend anybody to get their bmw coding service from these guys. Very trustworthy and professional. Highly recommended! Thanks guys.

Jon Russell
April 13, 2017

This guy has saved my bacon a couple times now. I had all my modules completely screwed bad. I sent him a message and he had me fixed up in no time. He's a very stand up guy and a pleasure to work with. He can do it all.

Kamran Khan
November 26, 2018

Fantastic!! Many thanks to Bimecu for my M3 Gauge Cluster coding!

Jesse Lucero
March 16, 2017

Great guy. Very knowledgeable and straight to the point.. I recommend them to anybody with a late model BMW .. fast friendly service ... A+ thank you once again....