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As you know these EGSs are matched to immobilizer module CAS4 in these cars, Therefore, when used EGS/Mechatronics is installed it will not get out of P as Secret Key called ISN does not match between Mechatronics and CAS4/DME.

But this is not a problem anymore, We can reset and code ZF GA6HP26Z mechatronics to cars Immobilizer system now.

It can be done on the bench, or remotely, over internet, so you would not need to remove Transmission Control Module and send it in. For this you would only need ENET cable or ICOM and a laptop with internet connection.


If you still decide to send it, then would need just to send us Mechatronics, CAS4, Keyfob and DME, they are very light and easy to ship.

We will match them and ship back, usually same day.

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