CAN FlexFuel Analyzer Quick Install Bundle

What is this?

While using E85 fuel, It's vital to know what the actual ethanol content is.

This is for the enthusiast looking to maximize the performance and efficiency of their MHD powered car with E85 fuel.

It supports DME FlexFuel Integration when using E85 fuel.

Which cars are supported?

F22, F25, F3x, and F4x with N55 and F8X with S55 engines. The List is getting updated daily!

(only supported by MHD software)

Get MHD F/G App
Get MHD F/G App

What else do I need to know?

You can install it at home in 15 minutes.

Its fully plug and play, including electronics and fuel hoses.

Hoses are tested with 10 bars static pressure (145 Psi)


It's different from any alternative!

No need to guess how to make it work 

We test each unit before we ship it

F30/F80 Sensor position


F22 M235 Sensor position


F22 M235 Sensor position


F22 M235 Sensor position


Installation Video F80