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MHD Unlocker

MHD Unlocker for Pre 06.2020 B48,B58,S58 and S63 (F90) engine computers


Unlocking modern DMEs on BENCH is becoming more and more of an issue. Sending out the DME for this service is no option for many people, but we have an option for all DIY guys.

MHD DME unlocker device with plug and play harness/connections - Simple and easy unlock at home in a few minutes!


Supported DMEs:

Produced before 06.2020

  • B48
  • B58 Gen1 and Gen2
  • S58
  • S63 (F90)



- Your car should be in a run-and-drive condition.

- If you had a failed flash at 3%, make sure to flash back to stock first.

- Battery should be charged.

- You should own and have activated either Flasher or Super license for your VIN


Link to Installation Manual





Q & A:

Q - Can it be used on DMEs produced after 06.2020 instead of sending to FEMTO?

A - This Unlocker is not an alternative to FEMTO, it can be used on only DMEs produced before 06.2020


Q - Can it be used locked N55/S55 DMEs?

A - No, It can only be used on B48, B58, S58 and S63 (F90) Produced before 06.2020


Q - Do I need a battery charger to use this Unlocker?

A - If your battery is charged, then you don't need a charger


Q - Can I use this unlocker with a Laptop/PC?

A - No, it can only be used with the MHD F+G app on supported iOS or Android phones/tablets

MHD Unlocker

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