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HUGE Update - MHD Flasher N54 Version 1.71 Released

Before posting details about this update let me make brief explanation.

This update is probably biggest by importance among MHD Flasher updates for N54 Engine.

PI Safety

This is one of biggest advancements for N54 tuning for high power. As you all know for high power E85 is used on these engines.

As long as HPFP is a limiting factor for DI to run full E85, additional fueling option - Port Injection (PI) was used with its separate controller, usually Split Second AIC6.

Problem with PI:

Problem was that in case of knock or other reasons when DME would decide to stop fueling specific cylinder and doing it by stopping signaling DI Injector to inject fuel, At the same time PI would continue injecting fuel thru its injectors for some time therefore causing super lean condition and... damaging engine.

Now, with this update, developers managed to change DME logic and in case of problem, besides stopping DI Injector injecting fuel, coil also stops working, i.e. no there is no spark.

Which means there no more risk to damage engine.

Congratulations to PI users!

This update works for both MSD80 (I8A0S) and MSD81 (IJE0S) Engine Computers

Shift bog fix

From the beginning of N54 tuning, for Manual cars, shift bog fix was a huge problem.

Problem was that during shifting, DME would pull boost down by setting torque limiter to 2048 and recovery would taking time, which - when racing, would slow down acceleration.

This problem is fixed in this update, again, DME logic is changed in both MSD80 (I8A0S) and MSD81 (IJE0S) Engine Computers the way that boost and timing stays in optimal levels.

FlexFue(Briefly, more details below)

FlexFuel functionality had been beta for quite some time, now it has gone public.

FlexFuel option in MHD, along with MOTIV Motorsports FlexFuel module will make it possible to use any % of E85 without reflashing DME, which before was quite uncomfortable when changing blend of E85.

More details of update:

Whats new?

1.71 - Revised shift bog fix: TQ Lim 2048 (soft limiter) is now suppressed. - Port injection safety flash option (coil is now cut when injector is cut). - For JB4 ST backend: suppressed the part throttle overboost test (30fe). - N20 (and 4 bar) sensor: decreased min voltage for user at altitude getting the 2ABC code.

What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel allows seamless flexibility between using standard gasoline and ethanol-based fuel, thanks to an ethanol content sensor. This provides a real-time measurement of the ethanol content feeding the car’s engine allowing the ECU to make real time adjustments based on the sensor reading.

The Flex Fuel kit consists of an ethanol content sensor and an analyzer. This is a plug and play system that connects directly to factory hardware and mounting points. Compared to standard pump fuel, the higher ethanol content in E85 provides a substantially higher effective octane rating, yielding greater horsepower output. With an active Flex Fuel system, a vehicle’s ECU is able to seamlessly blend calibrations required for each type of fuel.

The Flex Fuel kit will allow you to overcome any disparities in ethanol content from station to station or season to season. This is something a standard tune for E85 cannot do. Also, if there isn’t a station with E85 convenient, simply fill up with pump gas and avoid the need to change maps.

The kit supports both the v8 MHD OTS maps and also custom flexfuel tunes. High and low-pressure fuel pump limitations are still present, so we recommend an upgraded low-pressure fuel pump and for the stage 1+ and 2+ maps, use e50 max (2 third of e85 on third pump gas). The flex fuel kit for n54 is already available:

Whats needed?

MHD Flasher N54 Licenses: - Flasher Module - Monitor Module - Flex Fuel Module - Pump gas & E85 mix map pack.



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