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Post 06.2020 S55 - MEVD172G Bench Unlock

This service covers MEVD172G with production dates after 06.2020.


Basic Information

BMWs Modern models with S55 Engines use an Engine Computer model called MEVD172G.


These cars are:​

  • M2c

  • M2cs


Problem Description

After specific updates, it is impossible to flash these engine computers through the OBD port, and they need a Special Bench Unlock for it.


We offer Bench Unlock for all MEVD172G engine computers, Including Post 06.2020 ones. After this unlock, you can flash it through OBD.

How it works

You will need to send us the engine computer,

We do Bench Unlock, without opening, through regular connectors and send it back.

As a majority of our services, it is the same-day turnaround.

Post 06.2020 S55 - MEVD172G Bench Unlock

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