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ROLLOVER ControlLer - ROC Repair

Basic Information

Convertible Models of E series BMWs and Mini have separate controller/sensor for Rollover Protection(ROC),

these models are:

  • BMW 1 series - E88

  • BMW 3 series - E93

  • BMW 6 series - E64

  • Mini Convertible

This controller is an essential member/subsystem of vehicles safety system, and is responsible to detect and activate guards for rear passengers in case of cars rollover.

Problem Description

Often​, when cars battery is replaced or reset, or gets flat, this controller goes bad, and safety system (Airbag module, also known as MRS or ACSM) registers error:

9402 Rollover-protection controller: internal fault


We offer repair of these modules.

How it works

You will need to send us failed module, we repair and ship it back.


As majority of our services, it is same day turnaround

You can find ROC module at this locations:



Mini Convertible






** Please keep in mind, The shipping type you choose during checkout, is for return shipping only.

Part Numbers:

  • 9264926

  • 9201128

  • 9187933

  • 9180627

  • 9179400

  • 9134734

  • 6950640

Please let us know if you cant find part number of your module in this list.

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