Used DME / DDE Programming to


When DME and DDE fails, If it is responsive, It can be cloned, But, If it is not responsive what you need is programming of replacement module to your car, To be more precise, to immobilizer module CAS, FEM or BDC in order to be able to start the car.

In order to start the car, Engine computer (DME or DDE) and Immobilizer module (CAS, FEM or BDC) need to compare security key (ISN).

If security key(ISN) do not match, then Engine Computer (DME or DDE) will not open injectors, In result engine turns, but does not fire up.

Security Key In older modules is called ISN and is 4 bytes (8 digits),

On newer modules Security Key is called SK, and is 16 bytes (32 digits, 128 bits)

We support:

  • CAS2

  • CAS3

  • CAS3+

  • CAS4

  • CAS4+

  • FEM

  • BDC

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